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Hello my name is Stephen, I work as a Shamanic, Spiritual and Reiki Healer and Teacher. I am also a working evidential Psychic Medium working with clients internationally, locally in Brighton and throughout the United Kingdom.

Evidential Psychic Medium

Since childhood I have sensed and seen the spirit world. Once reaching adolescence I wasn't entirely sure what all this meant; however, I knew the meaning would reveal itself, and indeed it did.

In my twenties I experienced a significant life event which led me on a path to develop my mediumship abilities. Initially I sat in a home development circle, then attended the local spiritualist church circle. Here I learned to work with, blend and communicate with the spirit world, helping others to connect with their loved ones, to enable them to heal and grow.

To further my training I regularly attended Tony Stockwell’s mediumship development weekends. It was a honour to study with preeminent mediums at world-renowned teaching establishments including The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science and Metaphysical Studies (Stansted, UK) and The College of Psychic Studies (London, UK).

I also offer public demonstrations of Mediumship serving the Spiritualist church’s and centres. I am currently teaching at the Brighton and Hove National Spiritualist Church in Brighton on Friday evenings at 7pm.

Fees and services

I also work with Tarot and Angel cards in readings, occasionally as a stand-alone session, or in tandem with mediumship, depending on client preference. The card, the mediumship and the spiritual assessment readings last an hour. The sessions can be in person or over the free online Zoom platform and the cost of a reading is £50.

For more information, please contact me.

"I had never had a medium reading before & I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I arrived Stephen made me feel very comfortable & relaxed before we began. Once he started I was blown away. He used the words that my loved ones would have used & the things he was saying were so accurate I felt as if I was having a conversation with them. It was wonderful. I came away feeling so uplifted & full of light. The comfort of the session has stayed with me until this day. The whole experience was very healing. Thank you Stephen I can’t wait to come back!"

Sarah, Brighton

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