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Hello my name is Stephen, I work as a Shamanic, Spiritual and Reiki Healer and Teacher. I am also a working evidential Psychic Medium working with clients internationally, locally in Brighton and throughout the United Kingdom.

Shamanic, Spiritual and Reiki Healing

I have been developing my healing skills for 20 years and I am very committed to this journey. Starting out in 2003 with the Reiki level one attunement, I have subsequently received the Reiki level two attunement and the Reiki Level three Masters level attunement. I offer reiki training, both separately the attunements for Reiki level one and two and the Reiki Master level three. If you are interested in receiving the Reiki attunements for self healing or healing others or maybe to become a Reiki Master yourself then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me to discuss this.

Over the years I have participated in numerous Spiritual & Shamanic healing trainings, seminars and workshops, in addition to my Mediumship development, which I feel is a life long commitment.

I attended Matrix Energetics healing training seminars in California USA completing levels 1-3, where I was taught by the founder of Matrix Energetics Dr Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy. Subsequently I attended further Matrix Energetics training seminars in London.

I completed the Temenos Touch Shamanic healing training course in the UK with its founders and teachers Evelyn Brodie and George Christie.

This Shamanic training course is based in the South American Andean lineage and the Four Winds teachings as brought to the west by Alberto Villoldo as well as the shamanic training of Simon Buxton and other healing modalities.

The sessions on offer vary as they are very much client-led, and tailored depending on individual needs.

The intention is to work deeply and intuitively in the energy field in order to restore their health and to bring about transformation of blocks and limiting patterns or beliefs, thereby helping the client to move forwards and to grow in their own light and magnificence.

I work collaboratively with the client, weaving together the techniques of:

Shamanic Healing - The Illumination process, Soul Retrieval, The Death and Rebirth process, Cord Cutting - plus Reiki, Body work, Regression therapy, Breath work, Matrix Energetics and Mediumship.

Healing sessions

My sessions are £65 for 60 minutes or £80 for 90 minutes.

Initial consultations are welcome via Zoom, telephone or email and are free of charge.

Most healing sessions can take place over Zoom as well as in person.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

"I have had several healing sessions with Stephen. I arrived for my appointment feeling rather chaotic. My physical energy felt blocked, sluggish and I was in pain. By the end of the session I had a deep sense of intense well being and lightness - a very powerful healing experience. My body felt pain free and restored my energy both emotionally & physically. I couldn’t recommend Stephen highly enough -he creates a safe, relaxed space. I feel that he works intuitively with integrity and sensitivity. Thank you so much Stephen."

With Love and Gratitude, Sue

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